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Why We’re Unique

I founded CRC Auto Body in 2019 to proudly serve automobile owners in the five cities. I grew up in the Arroyo Grande area, lived in Grover Beach and you know what? I never left this area. I was the oldest of three with a single mother! I had a baby brother that was always in hospitals and needed to be cared for all the time. The community came together and helped us through tough times. That being said, we felt the love and dedication of this community. So I thought to my self, why leave such a loving community? So fast forward some years, I stayed around and opened up the collision shop here in Oceano because this is home! I fell in love with painting cars, fixing fender benders. I take pride in all my work because my work is my reputation. Every person that comes to me has my full attention and isn’t just another dollar sign. I care about others, I want to treat others just like this community did to me with excellence. Auto body is my passion, I keep up to date on all the latest and greatest auto body shop news to get you on the road faster! You’ll be sent home driving a safe vehicle that meets all regulations and inspections. Thank you for considering CRC Auto Body for your collision and auto body needs!

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